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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to list on this guide any business that offers true Gluten Free Local menu or products. You can find restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, online shops, home deliveries, food trucks, manufacturers, etc. as long as they have a true Gluten Free Local option we can list it here.

We try to list only locations that have true GF options. As always you need to take your own precautions and ask your questions about products and services to the business you contact.

No, you’re not required to register in this site. Unless you want to submit a review or suggest a location.

No, there is no fee to use this site. It is intended for information purposes and to be able to help you find a great place to enjoy a meal or to buy GF products.

No, we don’t own any location listed here. all of the info here is shared by customers and consumers like you.

No, we don’t sell your information to any other site. It is required to register in order to verify that you are a valid consumer and not spam.

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