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This is my latest pizza, all made from scratch! 

I use a regular New York pizza dough recipe but with gluten-free rice flour and like to throw a bit of other gluten-free flour in like corn flour or brown rice flour, etc. 

Sauce, cheese and pepperoni are gluten-free also of course!

JetBlue's gluten-free options on a mid-day flight included Chifles Chips Plantain Chips, Popcorners Kettle Corn and Goodie Girl Brown Sugar Crunchy Oat Flour Cookies!

It was nice to have cookies for a change so Goodie Girl Brown Sugar Cookies were great but the Chifles Chips Plantain Chips were the best!

My experience with New York's Senza Gluten was limited. 

I arrived before the publicly listed closing time (at 11PM), just before 10PM, however they said their kitchen had already closed and they did not offer any further options for purchasing other food such as bakery items, if they had any.